About Us

Who We Are

Tacuba Coffee Co. is a disabled veteran-owned small business which provides high quality coffee to coffee lovers worldwide. Our coffee is currently acquired from the family-owned Bella Vista farm and other single origin Salvadoran farms with the goal of supporting the local economy through the payment of fair wages.

We started this company to ensure that we are a part of every step of the coffee cultivation process. Coming from family-owned farms, we focus on procurement of the highest quality beans, processing the coffee ourselves, importing it, and roasting it directly to your homes and businesses.

How we Source

Coffee acquired by Tacuba Coffee Co. is ethically sourced and tasted by trained coffee testers prior to procurement. We produce, as well as purchase, coffee beans from other small farm owners yearly following each harvest to meet our high standard of quality. Our coffee is never over roasted and provides guests with pronounced tasting notes.

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